About Meaux

This blog is an opportunity to share my work with others who enjoy the outdoors and photography. I am very much an amateur photographer but have a great interest in cultivating my skills. While no image is as beautiful as what you see with your eyes, I'd still like to capture images that hopefully inspire others to get out there and see what this earth has to offer. I welcome any comments/criticism/advice (made in good spirit of course!) on my posts.

The name Meaux is a reworking of many nicknames, but understandably results from having the name Maureen and living in southern Louisiana. I acquired it during my masters studies at LSU from a group of special people who were on that journey with me. It's clever and special, and I like it.

Moab, UT

I am 28 and currently live in Baton Rouge, LA. For about a year and a half, I lived in Johnson City, TN, working as an extension specialist covering the entire eastern region. I saw many beautiful places during my time there and miss it dearly; however, the job was not something I wanted long-term, so in August of 2015 I relocated back to my hometown to pursue graduate studies once again. My dream is to explore as many beautiful places on this earth as God's timing will allow, using as many recreational activities as my body (and fear of heights) will allow. The photos featured here include scenes from my home state as well as the different places I've lived or visited across the U.S. and parts of Europe. Enjoy!

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