Old Memories

I've been meaning to post these pictures for quite some time now, but was waiting for what seemed to be the right time to do so. These pictures are over two years old, and are truly some of my favorite because of the colors and lighting, and because of the memories associated with them.

It is with a lot of grief that I tell you my love and I separated last week. So I wanted to go ahead and post these favorites of mine before I put them away for a while. The first of these were taken on a kayak trip to St. Catherine's creek in Mississippi in June of 2012. Previously the two of us had kayaked Bayou Sara and Cat Island together, the first times for me, and the first time I fell in love with kayaking through the swamp. And I share these because it will probably be the last swamp picture you see for a while, it is just something I need to say goodbye to, unfortunately, for the time being.

1/500, f2.5, ISO 80
 The sky is a bit washed out in this one but I love the pollen on the perfectly still water, and how this forest-on-the-water invites you into the spooky darkness.

1/125, f3.5, ISO 80
 This had been one of my absolute favorites because I love the contrasting colors in it - the brightness of the greens, yellows, the blue sky, and the pop of the red on the life jacket. I also think it is very sharp, even into the distance.

1/125, f3.2, ISO 80
 I like this one for the same reasons but things aren't aligned as well in this one. Some washed out areas of the sky too. But I love how far into the swamp you can see.

1/400, f4.0, ISO 80
 Love this one for all the same reasons too, color and contrast! Love that blue sky!

1/60, f4.0, ISO 80
 Now this one gives me trouble - the sky is completely washed out, but I like it because compositionally I think it could have been a great shot. But the lighting just wasn't right. This was on False River somewhere I think.

1/250, f4.0, ISO 80
 Same deal here. Lighting not right, I was facing the sunset but the tree is so beautiful. This was on the Bogue Falaya in Covington, LA.

1/320, f4.0, ISO 80
This was also on the Bogue Falaya. A somewhat dark picture in some areas but the water was so perfectly still and reflective, it was like a mirror. The color is not punchy, but still nice because the serene tones represent the tranquility of the place and that day.

I am also posting these because I have been quite homesick lately and have been wanting to return to familiar places and faces and to the people I love. Especially during the prettiest season in the Gulf South. My love left me with the words, "find your passion and just go do it." One of my greatest passions was sharing these adventures, and it may be some time before I find another person to share these things with, in the same way. It may appear weak to say something like that, but there is nothing like sharing a passion for adventure and exploration with someone you love who pushes you to reach your limits, who is out there because he loves it too, not just to make you happy. It is a non-verbal and non-physical type of connection that is deeply satisfying. I hope to experience it again, but until the Lord blesses me with it again, I must remember I can still enjoy great adventures with myself, the Lord, and other great friends! So for the second time this year, I look forward to new beginnings, and focusing on being thankful for past blessings instead of sadness for what is not there anymore.


  1. Pix6 is pretty cool, looks as though there is some mist? The tree hanging over the water... Spanish Moss

  2. Thanks Noah, yeah it was a bit misty. There is just something so peaceful about huge arching Live Oaks that I really miss!