Sneaux Days!

About every 15-20 years, southern Louisiana gets an extremely unusual bout of cold weather. The last major freezes that occurred with comparable severity were in the late 80s, and took out most of the state's remaining citrus industry. This year, we had two arctic blasts come through within a 7-day period that dumped frozen rain, sleet, and some snow. The first storm was mild and short-lived, but was enough to close the roads for a day. When I heard a second, more severe storm was coming through, I headed up to St. Francisville, where I knew I would get to see more of this rare, white wintry precip. Although this decision kept me up there for the next 3 days, I got to see what I wanted...white trails!

Taking pictures of snow is a new experience for me. It was hard to get good exposure on everything else without washed out snow and skies. Most of these pictures have had the shadows slightly darkened.

Date of storm: January 28 - 30, 2014

These photos are of "The Beast" trail in St. Francisville. This is my favorite place to run in Louisiana, and where my boyfriend, Shane Walsh, does most of his training. It is a 6-mile(ish) loop that runs along a creek and through some pine and deciduous forest. To see it covered in snow was a real treat!

Fstop 6.3, 1/400
Last section of the trail, runs along an elevated ridge.

 What I like: I love the shadows on the snow, and the two trees framing the trail. This is my favorite from this group of photos.

Fstop 5.6, 1/80
What I like: The length of visible winding trail and the relatively clean understory! Winter is really the only time you can see the forest floor in southern Louisiana. It also helps that this was a mostly-pine area of the trail.
What I don't like: Washed out sky

Fstop 6.3, 1/80
Not sure on the particular species of this stand, but is a unique and recognizable part of the trail

What I like: the smaller stand of trees framing the trail in this area. Plus clean understory and a nice curving trail for the eye to follow.
What I don't like: Again, washed out sky.

Fstop 8.0, 1/320
What I like: Winding trail, shadows across the snow, clear sight of trail.
What I don't like: Bit of lens reflection in the middle, and washed out sky.

Fstop 6.3, 1/80
Another favorite part of the trail, a bridge sandwiched between two long inclines
What I like: Snow covered bridge in the focus, with a trail to lead the eyes up and away.
What I don't like: SKY

Fstop 4.5, 1/640
What I like: Less washed out sky, clean foreground, with some color in the mid- and backgrounds.
What I don't like: I wish I could have moved that tree to the other side of the trail. It's a beautiful trunk, but I don't like how it seems to be the focal point.

Fstop 4.0, 1/200
Longest bridge at the beginning of the third section of trail. My favorite bridge because you can see so much of the landscape around you from it.

What I like: The bridge and continuing trail, and the faint layer of white on everything is a good contrast without being enough to cause my typical exposure imbalances.
What I don't like: Washed out sky!

Fstop 8.0, 1/160
 Again I like the faint white layer, clean floor, and some actual detail in the clouds and sky.

Fstop 6.3, 1/50
I am a real fan of these bridges! I will have to get more creative with my bridge shooting style after this. The only thing I don't like here is again that washed out sky. If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle days like these I'd love to hear them!


  1. These pics are totally awesome. Im so happy you were at the beast on this day to document this rare beauty. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. My pleasure Miriam, I'm so glad people have been enjoying them. So nice to see people that can appreciate nature's beauty!