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It's been quite a hiatus! I recently moved to Eastern Tennessee for a job, and between wrapping up the old job and settling in my new home, my photo hobby has fallen by the wayside. I arrived here last Monday with my boyfriend, sister, and her boyfriend, and they helped me get moved in. They could only stay the night, however, and therefore I have spent the  majority of the week by myself, trying to make my apartment a home. What used to be excitement and eagerness has now dwindled to some pretty severe homesickness, especially since Sundays usually meant going to Grace Life and a lunch date. I thought about making a post about the several trips I've made in LA last month, but I think today it would be best for me to keep my eyes forward and come back to those at another time.

Today's pictures come to you from my first enjoyable adventures here in Tennessee. I knew this area would be a trail heaven before I moved here, but what I wasn't expecting was the total grayness I would encounter. In Louisiana, we have at least something green every month of the year, even if it is only weeds. I saw no such weeds on my adventures; however, I did manage to find one tuft of grass, two fern fronds, and a patch of moss on this particular outing, which was on a much warmer and sunnier day than my first trail run here in TN. But I'll save that day's pictures for when the weather warms up.

These are taken on a trail run at Persimmon Ridge Park in Jonesborough, TN. The steepness really killed my hips today so it was really a trail walk/run. It's a beautiful park with lots to do, including camping, disc golf, and softball, and you can even see a water park from one point on the trail (which actually seemed pretty strange, not your usual view from the trail).

Date of Trip: March 8th, 2014

fstop 4.5, 1/500
Right now you can see right through the trees to the countryside.
Likes: There is still a lot of color despite all the fallen dead leaves, since you see into some pastureland beyond the trees.
Dislike: Mild overexposure from clouds in upper right.

fstop 5.6, 1/320
Of course you know I have to sneak some bridge pictures in there!

Like: The horizontal curve of the bridge is a break from the normal vertical plane of a forest.
Dislike: Messy area to the left of the bridge.

fstop 5.6, 1/320
Bridge in the Walter's loop section of the trail.

Likes: The sinewy bridge leading your eyes to the trees of the forest beyond, and the contrast that the bridge shadows provide.
Dislikes: Nope, I really just like this one!

fstop 4.0, 1/320
Same bridge in Walter's loop
Likes: Again the bridge leading you to look at the forest beyond, the visibility of of the thick blanket of leaves amongst the trees.
Dislike: Just that bushy shrub in the lower right corner. Looks messy and is blocking a tree trunk, which I think would have looked better.

fstop 5.6, 1/500
View of cows on private pastureland just beyond the trail.
Likes: The branches hanging across the top, and the fact that the cow is looking at me. I used to stop and watch the cows for a little while when I got to the very back of Hard Tail Hell loop at the Hooper Road Park in Baton Rouge, and this moment kind of reminded me of that.
Dislikes: Messiness off to the left.

fstop 4.5, 1/640
View of climbing trail

Likes: The contrast in this picture, between the shadows, the dark trunk, and the golden leaves still on the (birch?) tree on the right. I also like how the trail curves off to the upper left against a blue sky.
Dislikes: Not much here! Maybe a little more blue in the sky would be nice :)

Well there you have it, my update to you from a new home. My home home will always be Louisiana, but I intend to have and share some wonderful adventures here in the lower Appalachian region!

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